Sanaizaka studio closing performance


The British critic Mark Fisher analyzed the current state of the world, where "it is easier to imagine the end of the world than the end of capitalism," by naming it "capitalist realism," which is summed up in Margaret Thatcher's famous affirmation, "there is no alternative”.
In the midst of cutting through the sterile reality of this world with no way out, he was constantly looking for an opportunity to turn the impossibility into a possibility,
but in 2007 he took his own life.
In our work, the key concept is "hauntology” which Fischer adopted from Derrida in his later years, and while paying close attention to the "possession” of each body, we create the coming capitalist realism theater in the process of endless "mourning”.

2021/ Nov.5 (fri.)・ 6 (sat.)・ 7(sun.)・12 (fri.)・13 (sat.)・14 (sun.)
19: 30 Start

※The reception start is 30 minutes before the opening and the door open is 15 minutes before the opening.

※On the structure of the theatre, you may not be able to enter the theatre after opening. Please come as soon as possible.

■¥ 3,000
  • ■Artistic Director : Shimizu Shinjin
  • ■Performers:
    • Kumamoto Kenjiro
    • Hino Hiruko
    • Aota Reiko
    • Yabe Kumiko
    • Morisawa Yuichiro
    • Moli Ayaka
    • -
    • Sugiura Chizuko(Ladomama Produce)
    ■Staff :
  • [Choreography] Hino Hiruko
  • [LX] Kawai Naoki/ Anbiru
  • [Sound] Ochiai Toshiyuki
  • [Flyer Design] Studio Terry “overground”
  • [Company Manager] Morisawa Yuichiro