From the unique view of the body that Gekidan Kaitaisha has been working on for many years, this project discloses " Jintai-gengo (the language of the living human body) " working from the points at which individual bodies and unique languages meet, through the process in which "words attract the living human body".
In this series we have used the themes of the writing of Derrida, Kara Juro and Celine, constructing situations in which the uncured scars inflicted on the community from these books will be incised one by one under an international collaboration.
Please come to gaze at this herd of human bodies, heading towards a new book.

We will be waiting for you.


「L'animal que donc je suis 2006/Jacques Derrida」

This theme is based on the book of the lecture by the influential philosopher Jacques Derrida in his later years. Confronting the invasion of a huge group of questions that emerged from the embarrassment of the moment when Derrida was seen naked by his cat, we will face the words of this book in which our view of human/animals are subjected to a harsh interrogation. The “human" and "animals" that Kaitaisha have pursued, and the "languages" used to establish and disturb these boundaries, will be re-questioned.

  • Schedule
    • 2019, September,
    • 20(fri.)・21(sat.)・22(sun.)・
    • 27(fri.)・28(sat.)・29(sun.)
  • 19: 30 Start


「The Theory of the Privileged Body/1968/Kara Juro」

While doing much in creating a general image of underground theatre and being praised by many people, this book was rarely read carefully until the image of walking alone sank in. Gekidan Kaitaisha has explored the body’s possibilities referring to the body philosophy of Hijikata Tatusmi, and now we will survey Kara Juro's body theory, as another ideologist of "body and language", and his arrival at the ” body" and "languages" in Japan in 1968.

  • Schedule
    • 2019, December,
    • 13(fri.)・14(sat.)・15(sun.)・
    • 20(fri.)・21(sat.)・22(sun.)
  • 19: 30 Start

Open rehearsal and talk session !
We hold an open rehearsal for on going performance and talk session with Otori Hidenaga and Takahashi Hiroyuki about the concept and plan of this project from 20:00 on September 7 (Saturday).
It is no charge, but in case you participate please reserve by mail or phone.

※The reception start is 30 minutes before the opening and the door open is 15 minutes before the opening.

※On the structure of the theatre, you may not be able to enter the theatre after opening. Please come as soon as possible.

  • ■Artistic Director : Shimizu Shinjin
  • ■Performers:
    • Kumamoto Kenjiro
    • Hino Hiruko
    • Aota Reiko
    • Jonathan Giles Garner (part1& part2)
    • Yabe Kumiko
    • Morisawa Yuichiro
    • Moli Ayaka
    • Maneyama Kie
    • -
    • Luke Macaronas (Australia, part1& part2)
    • Ando Tomoko (ARICA, part2)
  • ■Staff :
  • [Choreography] Hino Hiruko
  • [LX] Kawai Naoki/ Anbiru
  • [Sound] Ochiai Toshiyuki
  • [Flyer Design] Studio Terry “overground”
  • [Company Manager] Morisawa Yuichiro
■¥ 3,000
■(Ticket through the trilogy)¥ 7,000
※Because of the schedule, the number of seats is very limited. Please be sure to reserve as soon as possible.
・web→part1LinkIcon※This performance has ended.part2LinkIcon※This performance has ended.

■We are recruiting participants in " Jintai Gengo Project (project of Live-human body's languages) "
starting in 2019. If you are interested please contact Gekidan Kaitaisha.